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It's no secret - Pickleball is the fastest growing sport across America

According to health studies Pickleball is credited with warding off depression while improving fitness.

Those findings, as well as the addictive qualities of the sport will only add to the enthusiasm many people have for this oddly named game — one that's a little like tennis, a bit like Ping-Pong, and is played with a wiffle ball. The mix of moderate exercise and social connections players make can be a real game changer, especially for the older players who are attracted to it.

Why Should You Play?

Get yourself out of a pickle

It's huge Fun

It's a known fact Pickleball Players are a fun bunch of people to hang out with. Whether on court or off, the motion never stops. Get a handle on having fun again.

It's Great Excercise

Get your 10,000 steps in the easy way and have fun doing it. Everyone agrees that Pickleball is much easier to play and learn than most racket sports.

It's Very Affordable

You don't need expensive equipment to play. Rackets are very reasonably priced. Most places charge a very nominal court fee and many outdoor courts are free.

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"This is my first time playing racket sports. I can't believe how my hand-eye coordination and fitness level has improved."

  • michele roper
    Michele Roper

"As a tennis player I found pickleball to be just as challenging. You really need to finesse your shots into the kitchen."

  • Rinaldo Acri
    Rinaldo Acri
"I've played against some really excellent players that are much older than me. I really got a great workout and enjoy it immensely"
  • client03-free-img.png
    Braden Keith